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The Love of Dance

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

The last line that leads to more.

The moment when you write the last sentence of your novel is so special. It has to finish the book and leave it open for the next in the series. It's important, no critical that you get it right. The trouble is it is elusive. A bit like the perfect body or the purest diamond. More often than not you'll be teasing that last sentence out for weeks or months before you decide on the correct structure. You'll be happy with it. You'll think - YES! YES! YES! I've done it - only to find when you come back for the read through - the last line just isn't right.
Well, I'm hoping that that isn't the case with my latest novel. I've just finished my latest 7-9 novel Wybird's Secret Pet and still love the last line. It leads on to the next book in the series - Wybird's Circle of Stone, yet to be written. I'm hoping this will be the book to get me the publishing contract I crave. With a good bit of luck and a lot of hope I'm keen to get this one under the nose of the right agent or publisher or even better both.