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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Topic Task - Week Forty-Eight

Once again I was lost in my edit type-ups and am late again posting my blog. Not like me at all, well, it didn't used to be. I will endeavour to be on time next week.

My editing has been going well and I've had help from my youngest cat, who has decided that sitting on the manuscript is the only way to get her food. I'm just hoping that she's added a little, actually a lot, of cat magic    to the pages which will have publishers meowing for more. I fear mostly she has left fluff and paw prints.

Today's topic task is to put yourself inside the mind of your character. Once you've created your character I want you to put this character in an auction room. They can be the auctioneer, a buyer, a seller or just someone looking around. However, the problem that is about to adhere its self to your character is a young five year old child. A very active child. You need to describe the situation, how this effects your character and how they get out of whatever trouble they are in.

Why not try this as a short play, or a short story?

Whatever you attempt this task remember to have fun with it.

Go on, get writing.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Topic Task - Week Forty-Seven

Those of you who also follow me on twitter will know that I've been really getting structure back in my writing life. It is great. Loving every moment with the keyboard, pen and mark-up pencil. Edits and notes, plotting and re-plotting and getting rid of the soggy middles and stagnant phrases. Yep, I've got them, I think we all do, that is why we have to keep our edit eye keen. I've just picked up a manuscript I haven't looked at for years and found it was good but in need of a good edit-out. It is becoming fitter and I think it will have a good pair of legs once it is pushed back out to be seen.

This weeks Topic Task is to write a piece of creative work that tells the story of a small lie. This lie will cause  great difficulty when discovered. This could be a lie told to your character as a child, adult, by a person close to you or a stranger. You need to show how this lie effects the life of your character/s and how they resolve it, of course if they do resolve it. This could be in the form of a short story or a poem.

Good luck with this one. Go on, get writing.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Topic Task - Forty-Six

Apologies once again for my tardiness. I was taking wonderful son back to university and spent the weekend with him - played pool, haven't done that in over 15 years! I can still do it, I'm pushing the thought to the back of my head that they might have been being very kind, but no, I won fair and square. That is my belief, however don't ask me to play for money. Played three games lost one and won two.

I came back from the York festival of Writing buzzing and rather inspired to look back at some of the many manuscripts still lurking in my cupboards. I've found one that had some great feed back and have decided to spend some time re-editing it. So I've printed off a new copy and will be taking that out into the garden with me along with a pen and pot of tea.
I've also now fully plotted out my thriller after many chats with editors/agents at the conference. It was very useful to bounce the ideas I had which has now formed the completed plot line. I'm looking forward to starting this shortly.

So what joys are there awaiting you in the topic task for this week.

I thought it would be an interesting task to take inanimate objects and give them a personality. You can chose from one of the options below or select a place of your own to develop.
1. Child's bedroom - toy's are the obvious ones here but want about the changing mat!
2. Garage - what would the car say to the motorbike or lawn mower?
3. Bathroom - imagine what the loo might be saying to the bath?
4. The Cellar - this could be fun, dark or down right dangerous.

So if you don't like one of those, then find a place and let your imagination take you on a journey. See how wonderfully creative you can be.
Go on, get writing.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Topic Task - Forty - Five

What a fantastic four days! I headed out to York on Thursday for the Festival of Writing - York. My team and I were running the one-to-one's and it was an almost seamless ship. Once again I was immersed in the world I love the best with like minded people and stimulating conversations.
I met up with authors I've not seen for many years one in particular in over ten years. It is amazing where the time has gone. It was great to connect again with agents and editors, many of whom are now friends. I always come home inspired. I needed a bit of a kick to get my work back on track and now it is. And why? chatting plot lines over with all those creative people.
I've made new friends and rekindled old friendships at the same time as having the most wonderful time.
I need to say here, a great big THANK YOU to my team Ellen Hanns and Mark Clementson for all their hard work and dedication in dealing with some tricky situations and always with a smile on their faces.

So this weeks Topic Task is to think about how you would pitch your work to an agent, editor or book doctor. Think of the 'Hook' to get that immediate interest. Where would your book sit on the book shelf, how does it compare to other authors on that shelf?  Why does your book deserve a second look? Can you write a pitch that will encapsulate your work in less than fifty words.

Give it a go and get writing.