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The Love of Dance

Friday, 29 March 2013

Character development, writing tips and a One Day Conference.

Firstly let me apologise for my lack of blog last week. I was having an amazing week of birthday celebrations, which meant that I didn’t get an opportunity to get to a computer for any reason, so that also meant no writing. However, I am now really relaxed and looking to get back to my new writing schedule and write, write, write.
As you know my laptop has been playing me up, but I have now tapped her power cable to the desk and as long as I don’t type too fiercely I should, cross my fingers, have any more issues. Still can’t afford a new computer as I had to purchase a washing machine. Long story! I still dream of the new computer. One day, one day.
This week we are going to be looking once again at characterisation. How will your character react in different situations? This will help you to create a more rounded character.
Firstly, create a new character or use a familiar character, but let them lead the way. Place your character in the following situations and see how they react. Use the same character for each of the scenarios. They may sometimes surprise you and do the unexpected! This can often work well within a novel as it could show an unexpected character flaw, which may or may not endear or shock your reader.
1.       Running late for the most important appointment of their lives. On their way there they encounter a person collapsed; there is no one else around.
2.       They are off for a first date with a person they have met on the internet. They are meeting at Leicester Square underground station, but they are waiting at exit 1 they arrived slightly late and there is no sign of the other person.
3.       House sitting for a new neighbour. They go in to check and pick up the post when they notice water running down the dining room wall. As they investigate the water appears to be coming from the loft. They can’t find the stopcock!
Remember we need to show how the character feels, behaves and their thoughts.

Just a little reminder that the Get Writing One Day Conference will be held on 20th April it is a great conference with many agents, editors, book doctors and authors attending. So if you’ve not had a look at their website yet, why not pop over and take a look. www.vwc.org.uk

Another great blog to look at www.imranwrites.com for some great writing tips and much, much more.

So what are you waiting for, go and get writing. 

Saturday, 16 March 2013

It has been hectic here! Machines giving up the ghost and those that choose when to work and when not to. However, I'm getting some notes written and slowly getting them typed up. This does mean that I probably won't get the synopsis out when I wanted too, but that is something I have to accept and strive on through the annoyance that is the world of computers. Writing without one is impossible.

I'm currently sitting in my kitchen with the computer cable propped up in a position that seems to work! The sweet fragrance of home baked ginger cake is surrounding and tempting me into having a slice before it is cool and iced.

There are times when things just don't work out as we expect and that is what I want you to think about this week. Things that are emerging and could possibly go on to be brilliant, but will it turn out that way. Will the bud bloom or be crushed before it has a fair chance. I'm not going to give you any scenarios or other prompts, you need to think of a situation, perhaps one you have experienced or observed and use it. Perhaps take it in a different direction so that the outcome is vastly different to the actual event. Whatever you decide to do make it real. Remember all the bells and smells. 

Here is a link you might be interested in. The wonderful writing circle I am part of is running their annual conference on 20th April 2013 which is packed with agents, editors and authors. If you are serious about writing then you should attend at least one conference a year, more if you get the chance. It is a chance to see what other writers are creating and do that all important networking. Why not check it out? There are still a few tickets available so click on this link and take a look. It might just take you that step closer to becoming a published author. Verulam Writers Circle

I'm off to do some synopsis writing.

Go on off you go, get writing.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

And so it snows...

Sorry for the delay, but I'm hoping that I will soon be able to purchase a new computer and won't have these issues for too much longer.

With the weather’s frozen fingers taking hold once more, it is a great time to snuggle up with the laptop or note-book and pen and write up your own blizzard.

So that is the challenge for you this week. Below you will see three scenarios which are to be set in a snow storm. Have a go at all three and see where it leads you.

1.       Two horses in a field with no blankets/coats or shelter.
2.       A hearse loaded with a full coffin slides into a ditch down a country lane on the way to the cemetery.
3.       In the hot tub on a snowy day!

Once you've tried each of these, take the one you think works best and develop it into a piece of writing for a short story magazine. It might be worth having a magazine in mind before you start.

So what are you waiting for, get writing. 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Let's go a little darker.

At this present time the machine is up and running so I'm hoping to get this blog done and posted before she notices I'm on here.
The down side for me this week has been that I've lost two of my synopses and therefore will have to do them again! I hated doing them the first time so what the second time will be like I don't know. At least it will keep me focused for a while. I need to do three as my folder has just vanished. I think I have one in hard copy but the other two will need to be started again from scratch. I suppose the up side it that I was going to make some alterations to them all anyway, but it would have been nice to have some starting point. The slog begins tonight along with the sounds from Magic 105.4. Thank goodness for music.

The prompts I'm giving you today are:

1. A figure staggering forwards screamed. "Get out." She froze staring straight ahead.
2. The scream caught in his throat as the blood oozed across the floor.
3. My grandson's terrified face appeared on my I Pod's screen through Facetime: "Help me Grandma, Help me."

Think thriller, think dark and get writing.