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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 29 December 2012

With New Year, comes a time of ...

I've been having difficulty in deciding what to do for this blog as it comes at the quite time between the festivities of Christmas day and New Year. Topic Task doesn't seem quite right at this time, so instead I've decided to get you to write down the three most important aims for your writing in the coming year.

Having been made to face my own writing crossroads recently I have had to think deeply and ponder where my writing heart really lies. This was not as hard as I had anticipated. To be honest, I just love writing, but I that isn't enough. I have to ensure my characters old and new are kept alive. With this in mind I know in which direction I will now be going. I can't tell you yet, but if all goes to plan this year, I hope to be well on the road to my goal of publication.

To do this I have to make the changes to my writing regime which will enable me to have the time everyday to get some serious work done. However, with working full time this will be difficult, but I need to put the focus back in to get the creativity out. With this said, I don't have time before work to write, so all writing must be done in early evening. I'm hoping this won't make Susan a dull girl, but enhance my writing and take me forward on the path towards my goals.

I've had offers of help from some wonderful people and they can be assured I will be in contact soon.

Therefore your challenge for this week is to select three goals you would like to fulfil this coming year. They don't have to be publication, they could be simply to finish a short story, improve a character, write for ten minutes every day or to attend a writing conference to developing your writing networking. Chose only what you feel you can achieve, there is no point in putting pressure on yourself when the reality is it will cause you writing stress. Write these three choices down and put them in a place that is in clear view. Each time you succeed strike through the aim and add a new challenge.

I would love to hear about your accomplishments over the coming year and your experiences with your work. Do feel free to message me here. It is always good to share good news.

As New Year is fast approaching I want to wish you all a fantastic writerly New Year and much success in 2013

Friday, 21 December 2012

Topic Task - Write a Picture

A fantastic week - even won a bowling match at our work Christmas do. That was a fluke, but one I'm happy about. The first Christmas dinner was a success which bodes well for the second one on Christmas day.
I'm now looking forward to some quality writing time and eating all the things I shouldn't. This means that the trainers will have to come out again to walk it all off all the extra pounds in the New Year!

I hope you had fun with the photos from last week and that the Christmas images below will continue to inspire your Christmas stories to send out in April/May.

1. A wall decoration made from the discarded branches from a Christmas tree and tied
 together to create a festive wall display. 2. A table wreath and candle, made from clippings from a garden fir tree.
1.                                                                  2.
Wishing you all a happy festive season. So go on, get writing.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Topic Task - Write a Picture

A fantastic week. Preparations for the festive season are well under way and my first Christmas dinner is being cooked this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it. A few things still to cook and sew before Sunday and then only the meal. And I get to do it all again on Christmas day too.

So for the topic task this week we are looking at Christmas.
You  have two picture which I hope will inspire you to write a Christmas story. Think about where you might sell the story and make sure you hang on to it until April or May when you can send it off and see if Christmas 2013 it will appear in a magazine, as a book or a poem inside a card. Now is the time to write Christmas.

So what are you waiting for, get writing.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Topic Task - Write a Picture

A week of no writing! I don't know what happened, but I am shocked. I didn't even do any editing or reading ready to edit - nothing at all. In my defence, I have been working on five Christmas cakes and because of this I only have three left to decorate. Time will tell if any writing gets done this weekend, once again it is a busy one. And if it does snow, like they are suggesting it will, I won't be able to go out which means I won't have anything else to do but write.

This weeks topic task is once again to Write a Picture. Below you will see two images that I hope will inspire you to get creative. Write freely for maximum of ten minutes and then read what you have achieved. Then think how this piece of writing could develop. Will it become a children's story, a thriller or a poem whatever direction you feel will suit the piece move it forward and create a piece to market.


Peacock Butterfly

So what are you waiting for? Get writing.