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Sunday, 6 March 2011

World Book Night

World Book Night 2011
A busy day, alerting the population of St. Albans about the great book give away to take place at Waterstones on St. Peters Street, St. Albans. Two hundred and fifty leaflets were handed out. The event took place on 5th March between 6pm – 8pm.
What an eclectic group of people arrived all eager to claim their free book. From Granddad’s to Sea cadets were popping in, some cautious, ‘was this really free?’, and leaving with a smile clutching their reading material. Many people were involved in making this event successful. Twenty five titles were being given away all across the country – every one of our books was homed.
The idea was to encourage reluctant readers, lapsed readers and to keep established readers. This we feel was achieved at least in St. Albans. The idea of book sharing intrigued people. All they had to do was to take a book, log on and resister the book online; read the book and pass the book along to the next reader.
After a fulfilling day, those involved trotted off to Loch Fyne for a well deserved evening meal.