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The Love of Dance

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Write a 'Race for Life'.

It is going to be an amazing weekend down at the Winchester Writers’ Conference and I'm missing it, which is sad, on the other hand it has given me four clear days to write, which makes me happy. If the weather will allow me, I intend to get out and walk, write, garden, write, walk and write until bed time every day. I have so much to do and need to get my WIP working.

With it being the time of year in England that we stage many charity walking events to raise much needed funds for cancer charities – Race for Life 10k, Walk with the Stars half marathon, Midnight Walk half marathon or Moon Walk full marathon. What all these events have in common are the people who take time out to walk to raise funds, but we mustn't forget those who organise, and marshal the routes, come to the aid of those suffering from heat, cold, allergic reactions! Yes that was me last year, but somehow still managed to get my silver medal, but I wouldn't have managed it with out my wonderful friend Fiona pulling me through to the end. I didn't enter this year, and I do regret that, but have challenged myself to do it next year. Please don’t let me forget. I was walking for my mother, my dear friend and many others I know who have suffered, are suffering and will be suffering in years to come. I was in awe of those who could run it, I myself run like a duck, and many of those had been through cancer and survived or were still fighting – amazing people. The atmosphere at these events is tangible. I've popped in a few photos here to show you what it is like, which I hope will give you a feel for what it is like.

I would have added the one
 with Fiona but she might
have killed me!

So the task this week is to do one of the options below based on the subject above.

1.      This is the first time you have taken part in the race for life.
2.       You are a seasoned walker and this time you are going to run the race for life.
3.       You are doing the half marathon ‘Walk with the Stars’ for the first or a seasoned walker.
4.       This is your first ‘Moon Walk’.

I've said select one of the options, but why not give yourself a second challenge and write the same piece with from a different viewpoint. Once you’ve done both versions compare them - which you prefer and why – what makes one stand out from the other?

So there you are, go on, get writing. 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

It is hard to write emotion.

I hope you've had a good writing week and are now ready for your weekly writing prompt. For me this week has seemed very long, but has been productive. I'm beginning to get back in to the swing of my WIP and liking what is appearing on the page. There is still a very long way to go, but it is moving and that is all I can ask at the moment.
I've made some writing decisions which means I won’t be able to attend Winchester Writers’ Conference this year. Instead I'm going to be locked away at my desk writing, which is what I need to do right now. The conference takes place from Friday 21st – Sun 23rd June 2013. It will be an inspiring event and if you are lucky enough to be attending you cannot help but to be inspired. The agents, editors, authors and book doctors are all there to help and guide you forward with our work. Many delegates attend every year to get that amazing buzz which revitalises them for the year, and many of those also attend Festival of Writing in York held in September to get a second boost. The networking at both these events, making friends and reconnecting with like-minded people all goes to increase your working knowledge of the publishing world and make you a better informed writer. Like life, writing is an ongoing process. We are always learning and developing skills and these events help you to recognise any weaknesses in your work and show you how to correct and improve your manuscripts. And to be honest, we all need a little guidance sometimes!
I thought that today we can look at gentleness and the pain of losing someone close to you. I find when writing these kinds of scenes it can be very helpful to call upon times in your own life that bring a tear to your eye, pain in your heart and anger to your mind. These, however, do need to be controlled emotions to come across well on the page. I have been known to cry whilst writing and a friend did get the full force of my anger when I answered the phone to her...thankfully she didn't put the phone down and we are still very good friends. I make sure I have the answer phone on all the time now when writing so this doesn't happen again. 

The prompts are: 

1.       Goodbye my sweet heart.
2.       She was so small.
3.       A happy life? Well possibly.
4.       And why should I care?

How you use these prompts is up to you. I was thinking It would be worth writing each as a scene and see where your emotions take you. Try to feel the power of your work as your write, you might be surprised at what you create.

So go on, get writing. 

Friday, 7 June 2013

From the Cottage Window.

What a beautiful week. I even managed to get time to sit out in the sun! Just sitting, not writing or gardening, just sitting and letting my thoughts drift. Admittedly those thoughts did meander away to different scenarios that I could possibly use in one of my novels.

I have also shared the first three chapters of a Ribbons of Red with someone who has yet to have read any of my work. I'm awaiting her thoughts. I will let you know what she thinks. Scary!

American CrowJack Lacey, another writing friend is about to publish his latest 'American Crow' novel, check out his website  for more details. I'm sure when I get the chance to read this novel I'll be posting a review here. If you would like a sneak preview you can find that on his website too. or click here and follow the link 'Books' read the opening page and then click on 'View More'.

Now lets look at the writing challenge for this week. It was whilst I looked out my cottage window and across my neatly mown lawn, that I watched a queue of traffic waiting to go through the temporary traffic light system at the crossroads. It was then that I noticed a handsome young man driving his four by four with his black Labrador in the passenger seat. The dog was harnessed and was enjoying the gentle caress of its owner. I will leave my thoughts here, but I want you to take the journey further. What happens next? Remember this story is set in the leafy lanes of Hertfordshire, England, with the fields, birds, rabbits, badgers, deer, horses and other wildlife, There are people and cars and tractors, lorries and we mustn't forget the horse boxes.

Try to think of a market for your story and target it accordingly.

So what are you waiting for, get writing.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

'Word Fit' - Just Six Little Words

I good week all round. Working on the plots and thought I had done them well, until that is, I read them to a friend and realised that there were many areas in need of tweaking. I have now rewritten them and just need to type up the new version. I really hope this time when I look back at them they will be fine, I'd like to say perfect, but... Then all I'll need to do is send them off and see what responses they get.

I have to confess that I've spent most of this weekend out in the garden doing some tidying up and making the garden ready for the summer and the fun and games that will take place there this summer. This is dependent on the weather, but I am ever hopeful.

This week we are going back to an old favourite the 'Word Fit'. If you've not done this before this is what you need to do. I will give you six words and all of the words must be used in a short story 1000-1500 words. You do have to option to change the tense and make them plural as your writing requires. And obviously the plot is down to you.

Words: Odd socks - Whisky - black banana  - Scooter - Yellow/pink striped trousers (Pants) - Purple nail varnish.

I hope this will get you thinking. Remember all the items have to appear somewhere in you story.

So go on, get writing.