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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Write a 'Race for Life'.

It is going to be an amazing weekend down at the Winchester Writers’ Conference and I'm missing it, which is sad, on the other hand it has given me four clear days to write, which makes me happy. If the weather will allow me, I intend to get out and walk, write, garden, write, walk and write until bed time every day. I have so much to do and need to get my WIP working.

With it being the time of year in England that we stage many charity walking events to raise much needed funds for cancer charities – Race for Life 10k, Walk with the Stars half marathon, Midnight Walk half marathon or Moon Walk full marathon. What all these events have in common are the people who take time out to walk to raise funds, but we mustn't forget those who organise, and marshal the routes, come to the aid of those suffering from heat, cold, allergic reactions! Yes that was me last year, but somehow still managed to get my silver medal, but I wouldn't have managed it with out my wonderful friend Fiona pulling me through to the end. I didn't enter this year, and I do regret that, but have challenged myself to do it next year. Please don’t let me forget. I was walking for my mother, my dear friend and many others I know who have suffered, are suffering and will be suffering in years to come. I was in awe of those who could run it, I myself run like a duck, and many of those had been through cancer and survived or were still fighting – amazing people. The atmosphere at these events is tangible. I've popped in a few photos here to show you what it is like, which I hope will give you a feel for what it is like.

I would have added the one
 with Fiona but she might
have killed me!

So the task this week is to do one of the options below based on the subject above.

1.      This is the first time you have taken part in the race for life.
2.       You are a seasoned walker and this time you are going to run the race for life.
3.       You are doing the half marathon ‘Walk with the Stars’ for the first or a seasoned walker.
4.       This is your first ‘Moon Walk’.

I've said select one of the options, but why not give yourself a second challenge and write the same piece with from a different viewpoint. Once you’ve done both versions compare them - which you prefer and why – what makes one stand out from the other?

So there you are, go on, get writing. 

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