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The Love of Dance

The Love of Dance

My dancing shoes

I have always loved dancing, I started taking lessons when I was around five but my parents would say that as soon as I heard music my feet would wiggle and I would dance. Moving around on my toes and becoming part of the music. I used to lose my self in dance and I miss the chance to dance now. That is why I've set up this page on my blog. I want to get back into dancing again. To have that feeling that I am transported into a different place in the arms of a man who can lead me around the dance floor and take me back into the world of waltz, rumba and all things dance.

I have no idea how I'm going to get back into dancing as the Burton School of Dance, known more recently as the Dance Centre, has closed. This was a wonderful location and had been a dancing school for many decades.

So if anyone knows where else there might be a dedicated dance school please leave a comment.

I don't know what shape this page will take, but I'm hoping to find some of my old dancing and drama photos to upload and if I ever get the opportunity to dance again, I'll upload some new images.

I hope you will enjoy this little added extra to my blog.

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Nicki J said...

What style of dance are you looking for? xx