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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Prompt 'Titles'

A better week, but still hectic. I have caught up with some lovely people whom I've not seen in a long while. Nice to see everyone looking so good and life is treating them well. My father seems to have evened out again and I hope the palliative care team can keep him comfortable and stable for a while longer. He has started to be cheeky again and not always politically correct! It is nice to see him interacting a little more rather than drifting off to sleep during conversations.

I've been working on the garden which is beginning to look pretty good. There is still a lot to do and plants to plant up: Runner beans and Peas. But all being well things will come on pretty well. I've enjoyed time with friends and family and will be, since being metaphorically kicked, to get my two children’s novels out there. So beware agents, they may well be heading your way. I also have to chase up a recent email submission, which I hope isn't lost in the ether, but has arrived with the agent and that she has had a chance to read it.

So down to this week’s writing prompts are ‘Titles’
  • Making paper flowers
  • Sunday morning sickness
  • Flying kites

Hopefully the prompts above will stimulate you to think out of the box. How could you use the Title of the piece to develop the writing? Think about how and why you might make paper flowers, or fly a kite or the reason behind Sunday morning sickness. For example: Making paper flowers could be with a child to entertain them on a wet weekend, or a charity challenge to raise funds. Flying Kites could be a metaphor for escape or just children playing together. I’m sure the prompts will motivate you when you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. With this anything goes. Poetry, short story, play or anything else you can think about.  

So go on get writing. 

Monday, 26 May 2014

Four Writing Prompts.

Right, I'm back! There have been many things going on with my father who has been in hospital but is now back in his care home. Work has also been very demanding which has all kept me from my writing. I will endeavour to improve my blogging and need to kick myself to get back into my own WIP.

I'm looking forward to my next lot of time off work as I'm having a writing extended weekend. All being well, I will have time to focus, up early write for the morning and garden in the afternoon and back to the writing in the evening. That is what I'm looking forward to. I wish I could do that every day, but the bills need to be paid, so I can’t get off the treadmill for a long while yet.

For this week’s writing prompts I've given you two images, and two written prompts.

In the flower pot.            Told you I wasn't heavy.

The following two prompts should be either used to stimulate a short story or poetry. However if either stimulates something else just follow your thoughts and write it.

1.       Don’t ask how, ask why?
2.       The perils of the shredder.

I hope one of these prompts inspires you for the coming week or so. Why not give them all a try, the more we practice the better our work becomes. And writing less often, as I know impedes our progress.

So go on, get writing. 

Monday, 5 May 2014

To walk in their shoes.

The sun is out and I've been out in the garden, putting right all that I didn't do last year. When I say all, I mean I've started sorting out the mayhem that was my garden. It is beginning to look good once more.  
To aid me with this I've also attacked the two brick built sheds. They have been great places for me to put everything that I ‘might’ need in the future. I've have now been through the tool shed, and the larger ‘Junk’ shed - I'm pleased with the result. 
My lovely garden is on her way back.

For your writing prompt this week I've have commandeered four pairs of shoes.
Each pair of shoes belongs to separate individuals. I want you to create a character that goes with each pair. Once you have written out your character traits, you will put those characters in the one of the following scenarios:
  • Walking in the country on a breezy, but sunny spring day when they encounter an uneasy herd of cows blocking their way.
  • A road traffic incident on a cold, rainy night on a road with no street lighting, no buildings except a ramshackle animal shelter.

You work out how difficult you want these scenarios to be for your characters. Make sure your dialogue is accurate for each character and that it is believable. Why not throw your characters in and see where they take you?

So, go on, get writing.