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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Prompt 'Titles'

A better week, but still hectic. I have caught up with some lovely people whom I've not seen in a long while. Nice to see everyone looking so good and life is treating them well. My father seems to have evened out again and I hope the palliative care team can keep him comfortable and stable for a while longer. He has started to be cheeky again and not always politically correct! It is nice to see him interacting a little more rather than drifting off to sleep during conversations.

I've been working on the garden which is beginning to look pretty good. There is still a lot to do and plants to plant up: Runner beans and Peas. But all being well things will come on pretty well. I've enjoyed time with friends and family and will be, since being metaphorically kicked, to get my two children’s novels out there. So beware agents, they may well be heading your way. I also have to chase up a recent email submission, which I hope isn't lost in the ether, but has arrived with the agent and that she has had a chance to read it.

So down to this week’s writing prompts are ‘Titles’
  • Making paper flowers
  • Sunday morning sickness
  • Flying kites

Hopefully the prompts above will stimulate you to think out of the box. How could you use the Title of the piece to develop the writing? Think about how and why you might make paper flowers, or fly a kite or the reason behind Sunday morning sickness. For example: Making paper flowers could be with a child to entertain them on a wet weekend, or a charity challenge to raise funds. Flying Kites could be a metaphor for escape or just children playing together. I’m sure the prompts will motivate you when you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. With this anything goes. Poetry, short story, play or anything else you can think about.  

So go on get writing. 

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