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The Love of Dance

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Toward the end and Creating workshops

Phew! what a week. I've been busily editing Silence Boy! (9+ novel). I'm wondering now if I've over edited and made the story flat. I've passed it on to one of my dependable readers and hope that he finds it enjoyable.
I'm always worried about something when I'm editing. Usually my books have great openings and brilliant endings, but can sometimes have a saggy middle. This is normally corrected with good strong editing. This is always tough, as I hate cutting lumps out, but the manuscript is often the better for it.

I should have this manuscript back in a few days with copious notes I'm sure.

So I'm off now to start preparing for the Federation of Children's Book Clubs May party. I've been asked by the St. Albans branch of FCBC to lead two workshops for the children attending. Now to get my thinking cap on and get creative. I'm looking to make them visual, interactive and most of all great fun. The key to any workshop has to be the fun factor. I'm looking forward to this immensely. so I'm off now to get stuck in.