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The Love of Dance

Monday, 28 July 2008

A Summer of Writing

Thankfully it is the summer holidays and I get a good amount of time to write. I’m working on many projects and hope to get much done over the six weeks.

I’ve two novels to complete. Both are on their sixth rewrite and I’m hoping to finish them by the end of the summer. Each has had a major overhaul and I think are much stronger for it. Now all I need to do is find an agent willing to read my work and for them to fall in love with my characters and plot and take me onto the next level.

I’ve had interest from publishers before and I’ve also had requests for full manuscripts from agents and publishers alike. But when push comes to shove the book just isn’t right for them. I’m hoping that these two fantasy novels will evoke interest.

On a really brilliant note, two of my writing friends have just signed contracts with agents and are about to unleash their novels into the world of publishers. They both have strong novels and it won’t be long until they see their work in the book shops. Two names to watch out for: Tim Blinko and Steve Barley.

The talented Toby Frost’s book Space Captain Smith is making a good name for itself and we are all awaiting for the second book due out I believe in September. If you haven’t read the first one then go out and get your copy now – it’s a romping good read.

Anyway I’m off now to do some real writing.