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Friday, 29 March 2013

Character development, writing tips and a One Day Conference.

Firstly let me apologise for my lack of blog last week. I was having an amazing week of birthday celebrations, which meant that I didn’t get an opportunity to get to a computer for any reason, so that also meant no writing. However, I am now really relaxed and looking to get back to my new writing schedule and write, write, write.
As you know my laptop has been playing me up, but I have now tapped her power cable to the desk and as long as I don’t type too fiercely I should, cross my fingers, have any more issues. Still can’t afford a new computer as I had to purchase a washing machine. Long story! I still dream of the new computer. One day, one day.
This week we are going to be looking once again at characterisation. How will your character react in different situations? This will help you to create a more rounded character.
Firstly, create a new character or use a familiar character, but let them lead the way. Place your character in the following situations and see how they react. Use the same character for each of the scenarios. They may sometimes surprise you and do the unexpected! This can often work well within a novel as it could show an unexpected character flaw, which may or may not endear or shock your reader.
1.       Running late for the most important appointment of their lives. On their way there they encounter a person collapsed; there is no one else around.
2.       They are off for a first date with a person they have met on the internet. They are meeting at Leicester Square underground station, but they are waiting at exit 1 they arrived slightly late and there is no sign of the other person.
3.       House sitting for a new neighbour. They go in to check and pick up the post when they notice water running down the dining room wall. As they investigate the water appears to be coming from the loft. They can’t find the stopcock!
Remember we need to show how the character feels, behaves and their thoughts.

Just a little reminder that the Get Writing One Day Conference will be held on 20th April it is a great conference with many agents, editors, book doctors and authors attending. So if you’ve not had a look at their website yet, why not pop over and take a look. www.vwc.org.uk

Another great blog to look at www.imranwrites.com for some great writing tips and much, much more.

So what are you waiting for, go and get writing. 

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Imran Siddiq said...

I am full of glee to be mentioned on your site. Thanks for that.

The year has flown by quick and once again we'll meet at the GW 2013.

Looking forward to it.