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The Love of Dance

Monday, 8 April 2013

'The Sea' through the seasons.

The past week I have been quite creative and getting the further development points and plotting down for my YA novel. This is now taking shape and I’m enjoying the new direction it has taken me. It is very much still in its infancy, but developing steadily with a wealth of interesting characters.

I’ve also been working on more elements of my thrillers and they are, I hope, beginning to have a similar theme and elements but are uniquely individual, if that makes sense?
I headed down to the coast this weekend and enjoyed the sun and the sound of the waves gently breaking on the beach and sound of shingle moving, the laughter of children, the calls from parents and the sea gulls screeching for food.

This week I thought it might be fun to use the idea of ‘The Sea’ through the seasons. What do you hear, smell and taste at different times of year? Think about the things that differ season to season.  Try writing a 500-1000 word scene that uses all the elements to make it real.
Once you’ve completed the four seasons, choose your favourite and expand to create a complete piece of work. You might want to use all four sections and submit your work.

Have fun with this and remember to make the reader believe they are there within your work.
So, go on, get writing. 

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