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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Let's go a little darker.

At this present time the machine is up and running so I'm hoping to get this blog done and posted before she notices I'm on here.
The down side for me this week has been that I've lost two of my synopses and therefore will have to do them again! I hated doing them the first time so what the second time will be like I don't know. At least it will keep me focused for a while. I need to do three as my folder has just vanished. I think I have one in hard copy but the other two will need to be started again from scratch. I suppose the up side it that I was going to make some alterations to them all anyway, but it would have been nice to have some starting point. The slog begins tonight along with the sounds from Magic 105.4. Thank goodness for music.

The prompts I'm giving you today are:

1. A figure staggering forwards screamed. "Get out." She froze staring straight ahead.
2. The scream caught in his throat as the blood oozed across the floor.
3. My grandson's terrified face appeared on my I Pod's screen through Facetime: "Help me Grandma, Help me."

Think thriller, think dark and get writing.

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