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The Love of Dance

Friday, 21 September 2012

Topic Task - Week Forty-Seven

Those of you who also follow me on twitter will know that I've been really getting structure back in my writing life. It is great. Loving every moment with the keyboard, pen and mark-up pencil. Edits and notes, plotting and re-plotting and getting rid of the soggy middles and stagnant phrases. Yep, I've got them, I think we all do, that is why we have to keep our edit eye keen. I've just picked up a manuscript I haven't looked at for years and found it was good but in need of a good edit-out. It is becoming fitter and I think it will have a good pair of legs once it is pushed back out to be seen.

This weeks Topic Task is to write a piece of creative work that tells the story of a small lie. This lie will cause  great difficulty when discovered. This could be a lie told to your character as a child, adult, by a person close to you or a stranger. You need to show how this lie effects the life of your character/s and how they resolve it, of course if they do resolve it. This could be in the form of a short story or a poem.

Good luck with this one. Go on, get writing.

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