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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Topic Task - Week Forty-Eight

Once again I was lost in my edit type-ups and am late again posting my blog. Not like me at all, well, it didn't used to be. I will endeavour to be on time next week.

My editing has been going well and I've had help from my youngest cat, who has decided that sitting on the manuscript is the only way to get her food. I'm just hoping that she's added a little, actually a lot, of cat magic    to the pages which will have publishers meowing for more. I fear mostly she has left fluff and paw prints.

Today's topic task is to put yourself inside the mind of your character. Once you've created your character I want you to put this character in an auction room. They can be the auctioneer, a buyer, a seller or just someone looking around. However, the problem that is about to adhere its self to your character is a young five year old child. A very active child. You need to describe the situation, how this effects your character and how they get out of whatever trouble they are in.

Why not try this as a short play, or a short story?

Whatever you attempt this task remember to have fun with it.

Go on, get writing.

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