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Monday, 10 September 2012

Topic Task - Forty - Five

What a fantastic four days! I headed out to York on Thursday for the Festival of Writing - York. My team and I were running the one-to-one's and it was an almost seamless ship. Once again I was immersed in the world I love the best with like minded people and stimulating conversations.
I met up with authors I've not seen for many years one in particular in over ten years. It is amazing where the time has gone. It was great to connect again with agents and editors, many of whom are now friends. I always come home inspired. I needed a bit of a kick to get my work back on track and now it is. And why? chatting plot lines over with all those creative people.
I've made new friends and rekindled old friendships at the same time as having the most wonderful time.
I need to say here, a great big THANK YOU to my team Ellen Hanns and Mark Clementson for all their hard work and dedication in dealing with some tricky situations and always with a smile on their faces.

So this weeks Topic Task is to think about how you would pitch your work to an agent, editor or book doctor. Think of the 'Hook' to get that immediate interest. Where would your book sit on the book shelf, how does it compare to other authors on that shelf?  Why does your book deserve a second look? Can you write a pitch that will encapsulate your work in less than fifty words.

Give it a go and get writing.

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