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Sunday, 30 August 2009

Writing a cook book

Sometimes it is good to do something different, well that is what I'm told. With this in mind, I've started writing an adult novel and even more surprisingly, I've just started writing a cook book. It isn't that surprising, as I've been going to do it for quite a while. You must understand this isn't a cook book that is going out to print, it is for family use only. I'm enjoying bringing together all the strange recipes I've put together over the years. Some like my Christmas cake won't go in the one that my son is taking to uni with him, but will be in my copy. My Christmas cake like a couple of other recipes are my secrets, well for a while anyway.

With my adult novel I'm currently working on plotting. this has to be right and as you will all know this is the most important part of the book. It doesn't matter how great the writing is, if the plot is weak, the book won't sell or even get the interest of agents or publishers. Believe me, I know that well. Spending time on this is paramount, and one of the most difficult parts, however I still find synopses the most difficult. That is why it is important to network with other writers through, writing circles, conferences and workshops. I'm very lucky to be a member of the VWC (see the link) where manuscript surgeries are of great benefit. So if you are writing and aren't a member of a writing circle, join one, you will see the benefits for yourself.

Try it out first go to a few meetings and see if you like the way it is run. How will it benefit you? Do your research. How long has it been running, who are the members, do they have a website, is there a critique group, do they have visiting agents, authors, publishers? If so go for it. The VWC also runs conferences. This year we had Barry Cunningham, John Jarrold, Jonathan Pegg along with other authors and journalists. The next VWC conference is: 20th February 2010 'Get Writing' so keep your eyes open for notification of ticket sales. Last year they sold out very, very quickly.

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