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Thursday, 27 October 2011

VWC writers & visitors.

What a fun night at 'The White Hart' public house in St. Albans. The VWC or Verulam Writers' Circle to the uninitiated were holding their biweekly manuscript meeting. There were a some wonderful pieces of work. The readers ranged from visitors to the president himself. The work being produced by the group as a whole is quite amazing, going from strength to strength.

So what is a visitor?

Visitors are writers keen to know more about the VWC. They pop in to see if the writing circle is what they are looking for and they are always welcome. There are two different types of meeting. White Hart meetings are free, but visitors may have to wait for paid up members to read first before they get the chance to read and get their material critiqued. However, if you want to get a "full taster" then paying the £3 visitors fee (£5 if we have a speaker) at St Michaels is the way to go. But becoming a member is the best value of all. As a member you get to read, enjoy critiques and get first dibs on the special events. Always a good thing. 
And here is a gentle reminder about 'GET WRITING 2012' visit the http://www.verulamwriterscircle.org.uk/getwriting2012.php and book your place now.

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