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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 17 February 2013

When it all goes wrong...

Last week we were looking at writing about love and romance. This week we are keeping the romantic theme, but this time we are looking at what can go wrong. This is your chance to get mean and nasty.

Below is a scenario that you are going to write about. Show the complications and fall out that takes place.

Your character has given all the required delivery details to the florist, but unfortunately the assistant has written down some of the details incorrectly and the bouquet goes to the wrong address? Think about the scenarios that this could invoke. How this turns out is up to you, but make it real.

Remember to use the feelings of all the characters involved.  Is the recipient of the bouquet called by the same name as the person it was supposed to go to? Are they married? Do they believe they have a secret admirer? And what is happening to the correct recipient of the bouquet? Are they expecting them? Are they oblivious to the bouquet until they see the sender or hear from the sender? What do they do?  These are only a few thoughts to help you along.

This could end up happily, or in bloodshed, you chose, you write, but most of all have fun with it.

So go on, get writing. 

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