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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fun times at the Festival of Writing – York.

The Team.
Just back from the Festival of Writing I think I have managed to catch my breath after the wonderful, manic and inspiring one-to-ones in York. Catching up with old writing friends and meeting new ones. Touching base with agents, editors, book doctors and writers. Hopefully everything appeared to be as seamless as possible, but underneath there may have been a lot of paddling going on.

We have heard of many successful meetings, offers to see complete manuscripts, fantastic critiques on submitted material, lots and lots of advice and for me: a good kick to get me doing what I should have been doing. So much so that I submitted something yesterday. I’ll let you know what happens. I have also been asked to submit material. This I will be preparing over the next few days.

The workshops have been inspiring throughout the weekend run by agents, book doctors, editors etc. on many aspects of the writing process. It is important to hone your skills as a writer, in doing this you maximise your chances of success.

Networking was in full swing all weekend. Those in the business of writing were mingling with new, progressive and those writers who could almost taste that publishing deal. Everyone was willing to advise, encourage and inspire writers at any point in their writing journey. You never stop learning as a writer, even when you are seen to have ‘made it’ you continue to learn, try out new possibilities and lead the way. Sharing this information whilst networking is one of the most important parts of the conference. Breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings all interspersed with bucket loads of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Evenings are always a time to relax and chat over a tipple of your choice. Sometimes, if you aren't brave enough to ask questions yourself, you can sit back and absorb information being discussed around you.

Many writers were seen to scuttle off at the end of the day, after dinner to bring out their writing books, or laptops, note books or a Dictaphone and set to work. Twitter went wild - FoW14

If you have attended the conference and you have some good news stories than please post the here as comments.

My team Ellen Hanns, Mark Clementson and myself love hearing about all the work delegates are creating whether it be, fiction or non-fiction. Everyone has their own story and direction. It is at these conferences that these stories often really start to take off and develop into the finished product. So whatever you are writing, keep doing it because one day you will get there.

The topic task for this week is to use one of the lines below to inspire a short story.

  • Seven dead rats are strung up on a washing line.
  • The eyes didn't blink, they just stared forward blankly.
  • As the sun set the shadows crawled across the ground.

So go on, get writing. 

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