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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Using Dialogue.

A great evening with the Writers Workshop members and agents. This was more of a social than a networking evening with time to catch up, and opening line competition and opening chapter challenge. Once again I was inspired by some of the development many of the authors have achieved and by the gentle nudges from agents to get submitting more and chasing agents. This is my plan for the coming week. 
Add The image below is just a few of the attendees last night.caption
This week I thought you might like to use the image above to practice writing dialogue. As you will already know, the way people talk can enhance their character and tell the read more about the character than a stream of description can. However, to get dialogue right you have to practice. Look at the image above and select two characters, give them a topic to talk about and see where it leads you. 

Some ideas to get you going:
Oh, you have a dog!
So, give me a one line pitch.
I think I might be drunk. 

I'm sure you will get the idea once you start. So, go on, get writing. 

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