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Friday, 10 July 2015

Small Steps Forward

This has been a rather lovely week. Work is busy, but good. There was a moment when I could pass on some words of wisdom to a colleague. We were discussing growing tomato plants, as you do, and I mentioned that mine had a few nice little tomatoes already. My friend has been growing hers in the green house and she said the tomatoes weren't setting. It was at this point I explained that when tomatoes are in the greenhouse the bees might not be going in to pollinate.  I told her what my father did and said I’d make her a cat fluff brush so she could pollinate them herself. She was so chuffed when I took the little brush in to work the next day. Not sure the cat was that happy, as she had to suffer the combing and she hates that with a passion. My friend is now looking forward to lots of cherry tomatoes in a month or so as long as she tickles them properly.

I've been so pleased with the way my writing has been progressing this week, well over the last couple of weeks. I've started a new WIP which appears to be writing itself. I'm loving what is appearing on the page. I read the first part at the Windmill Writers which went down very well. Apparently it is a little saucy and has a strong voice. So I'm obviously doing something right. I'm managing around 1500 words a day, which is good considering I'm at work all day and writing at night and making notes during my lunch break and typing up at night. I also love my new Windows Phone which means I can also write word docs which I can email to my laptop. It is a lovely new tool to me. I just hope this writing process continues to go from strength to strength.

For the writing task this week. I have want you to select one of the prompts below and create a piece of writing that conforms to the brief.

  • A children’s picture book story maximum of 700 words. (make every word count) 
  • An article on Dr Elizabeth Blackwell born 1821 (do the research)
  • If you are a man write a scene from a females point of view. If you are female write a scene from a male’s point of view. Your starting point is: “How could you do that!”

I hope you have fun with these prompts. Go on, get writing. 

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