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The Love of Dance

Friday, 25 September 2015

Stop for a cup of tea

It is amazing how fast these weeks are flying past. I guess it is because I'm loving the work that I'm doing and I'm engrossing myself in my writing at night and socializing at the weekends! Phew, no wonder I'm sleeping so well at night. Well, mostly – often having many weird and wacky dreams. As another writing friend of mine said: that is where some great writing comes from. I hope she is right.

I am having a challenging time, jigsaw puzzling and rewriting my YA – Locked Inside – which had another airing at the Windmill Writers meeting on Wednesday. It was well received and had a few helpful development suggestions, which I'm now considering. I've still got a lot of work to do on it, and to write that chapter by chapter outline. Which needs to show development points, challenges and why each chapter is needed. I find that a difficult part as, like most writers, I love my chapters, but as an editor, I have to think is it relevant and moves the story forward. A tricky process.

I'm delighted to say that one of the writers from my group attended the Festival of Writing in York where she was inspired and discovered many things about the writing craft that she hadn't realised before. With her new found knowledge she is determined to make the changes necessary to overhaul her children’s manuscript. One thing I know for sure is that if anyone can make the changes to lift the manuscript up and get it to shine – it is her.

The writing group received some very sad news about one of our dear members, Dennis. He was a dedicated, talented writer and had a wonderful way about him. He was good at receiving and giving criticism, more often than not, he would say a few simple words that would pin point the section you weren't happy with. To honour his memory, we had a simple candle burning during the session and shared some great work – I think he would have loved it. We laughed and joked and did what we normally do. Dennis you’ll be missed mate.

So I now get to the writing prompt for this week. Look at the photograph below and write about what you see. You can choose to do non-fiction or fiction. There is no guidance for this piece – just find that pen and paper or load a blank document and get writing. Most of all enjoy what you are writing.

So go on, get writing.

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