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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Friends not just writers.

A much better week, although I have to keep being careful for a while longer. But I can cope with that. I’m almost back to being me again. Work was very busy, catching up with everything I couldn’t do whist I was off, but I’m almost there.  I’ve managed to get the house looking more like a house than a doss pit, which is much more like me.
I’ve managed to get a little editing done on my competition entry, which still has six weeks for me to get it ready to submit. I’ve still got a lot of work to do, but it is shaping up nicely. I read some of it at the writing meeting this week and it was received well. The subplots were coming out and they laughed where they should and the area that I was concerned would be a little too risky for a YA they felt it was okay, but I guess if it isn’t it can be removed if it were ever to any further than my group. I do like the concept and I hope once it is honed it will be well received by the judges. Only time will tell as they say.
I set the first writing competition for my writing group The Windmill Writers. The task: Task:
You are to write an article about toilet paper. Maximum words 750. I felt this would be a good challenge to all of our members as none of us have written articles. It is something that takes a certain skill and one that they, and me will have to research to ensure we get the structure correct. I’m excited about how this will pan out. The members themselves will be judging the pieces and the overall winner will be the first to hold the Windmill Writers Trophy for three months. We have the online Facebook membership, but the competition is only open to the members who regularly attend the pub meetings.

We had to say farewell to one of our founding members. He arrived at our first true meeting with Nicki and myself and from that moment the group began to grow. We are hoping that Michael will pop in when he is able as his critiquing and great writing will be missed by all of us. We are hoping he will be able to come to our first anniversary meeting which is to double up as our Christmas party. So I'm going to be thinking up some writing challenges for that. We are a small family of writers who are going to miss this member of there group - not just a writer but a friend, Michael, don't leave it too long before you pop in to see us all. 
Now we get to the writing prompt for this week. You have the choice of two photographs to inspire a piece of writing. Once you have chosen your image, write a story which includes, two children, a great uncle and a pot of honey.

So go on, get writing. 

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