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Friday, 26 February 2016

A Great Week

A great week both at work and with my writing. I have felt more energetic and I'm sure it has to do with the iron tablets, they are working wonders. Even at the end of a long day at work, I'm not coming home and flopping down on the sofa and vegetating instead, I have energy enough to write or clean! That is normally pushed to the weekend when I try to fit it all in.

This week I've been staying late at work to catch up with things and making sure everything is as straight as it can be. I love my job, the frantic times, the steady times and the odd, and I mean odd, moment to stop and have a cup of tea and a cup cake. This week we had one of the teams come to the office – it was good to put faces to names. I baked cakes for the guys and they were greatly appreciated. They are a great bunch and I can’t wait to meet up with all the others, I hope that will be sooner than later. I just need to get a really comfortable chair, the seat on mine is too deep for my little legs. I'm working on that one.

My writing has been going steadily. I've been doing some editing and getting things ready to submit, which won’t be long now. I have also decided to submit to a competition which means this weekend I need to get my head down and write. I'm doing a short story maximum of 3500 words. I have the plot laid out and the first 917 words, so the initial writing shouldn't be too hard, it is the honing and cutting to ensure it is as sharp and clean as I can possibly make it that will take the time. This is a piece I'm enjoying and as I read the opening to my writing circle, they were suitably effected.

The meeting at the Windmill Writers in Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, was once again a buzz with good writing. Writerly conversation, support and critiquing. One of our members had been really struggling to find his voice and to get the show, tell and pov right. This week he mastered a chapter and he just needs to keep up this good work. Overall the writing standard is improving week on week. Even those of us who have been writing for years find great benefit in sharing our work and receiving comments from those around the table.

Now for this week’s writing prompt I’m just posting an image for you work with. Write a short story or why not try poetry inspired by what you see, feel or imagine is happening in the picture.

So go on, get writing. 

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