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Sunday, 10 February 2008

Kitten escape!

My new kitten (7 months) called Inky, has decided that she should be allowed out side just like my other cat (9 years) Mischa. Unfortunately, Inky isn't street or garden wise yet. She has been out wearing her harness and lead, and has been shown around the garden many times. However this morning she took it upon herself to leap over the top of Mischa and out to FREEDOM. There is me, out in the frozen garden in my PJ's to get her back. It isn't as if she won't be allowed out, but as she doesn't yet answer to anyone but herself she might just get lost and she is too beautiful to lose. Thankfully my son joined me, and in the end Mischa came out and Inky allowed me to pick her up and bring her back in. Only to dart out again later, sneaking between my feet and the door. Once again I got her back. She now has a collar and I've been searching for a name barrel for her, but I've been unable to find one today. I'll have to be brave over the next few days and take her out before breakfast and dinner to get her used to being out alone and when she should come back. Had we not have been on a main road, she would have been out already.

Here are pictures of my lovely girls.

Mischa sultery and sophisticated.
Inky's just scatty.

Mischa and Inky

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