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Friday, 11 May 2012

Topic Task - Week Twenty-Eight

A great week, both in the day job and with the writing.

Having split my last novel idea in two, I've taken one part and started plotting afresh. I believe I've now got a good structure to build on. The other part of the original novel now has it's own direction and still needs a fresh new re-plot, but that will be done later. 
I can't wait to get on and do the first few scenes of the new Ribbons of Red, but a little more character profiling needs to be done first. 

For this weeks topic task, I thought it might be fun to write a piece from a male point of view and then again from the female point of view. You have two characters, one male one female and they are in a scene together and you have to write their story. You will do this twice once from his view and then from hers. You need to be inside the head of your characters. See it though their eyes. You have to make sure the scene is the same, but from the view point of each individual character by using their thoughts about the situation and the reaction from the other person. Even though it is the same scene it can be seen a vastly differently by each character. They may both believe they have won a situation or both feel aggrieved. 
Set your characters in a scene that they are comfortable with or place them in a difficult uncomfortable situation. Whatever you do make it interesting. 

Go on then, get writing. 

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