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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas on a budget.

It seems to me that December has dashed in like those reindeer flashing above on Christmas night. I blinked and it is already the seventh! On the upside, I have managed to get a few gifts, but there is still so much to do and if the days keep shooting through as quickly I'm not sure I’ll be ready by the thirtieth let alone the twenty-fourth.

It has been interesting to find, whilst waiting in queues, that so many people are really cutting back this year. Likewise I am doing the same. Christmas on a minimal budget is a challenge and I hope I'm winning. Like many others. I've looked in the shops and on-line for some ideas and then re-looked and made lists and remade lists until the gifts worked within the budget, well almost!

So this week’s challenge is to write a short story intended for publication. It will be set in the build up to Christmas – Christmas on a budget. For this you are going to create characters, use all the techniques you have at your disposal and craft an amazing Christmas. Think about how your characters interact with each other and how their individual problems may be linked. It is your job to weave their issues to produce the perfect Christmas. That may not be the traditional Christmas, but it needs to be perfect for them.

So if you want snow, reindeer or hot sun and a suntanned Santa it is up to you to make it real. So go on, get writing.

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