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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 15 December 2013

The emotion of friendship.

So many things going on this week, and so little time to achieve it all. I had a big disappointment this week, but it wasn't meant to be, so I will find another way. I have to. I've started to think of new ways around things, which I hope will eventually be fruitful. It will involve a lot of hard work, but I've got some time coming up that I can put to good use. Wish me luck, as I will need much of it.

My father is getting frailer as each few days pass, he has a look in his eyes that is beyond sorrow. A place I can’t find him and can’t help.  I hope in some small way he will find enjoyment this Christmas.

This weekend we had our first Christmas dinner, which was really good fun. This Christmas is all mixed up with family and wonderful friends. Life would be so dull without you all. We have a lot of food left over which will feed us for the rest of the week. I’ll be making lots of experimental dinners!

One of the great parts of this time of year is the getting together of old friends and making new friends or acquaintances in unexpected places. The one that springs to mind for me was the encounter I had with an elderly gentleman I sat next to on a bench three years ago in Watford. I was waiting for my son and Stanley and I got talking. He told me all about his wife and her ills and the wonderful life they have led.  I don’t suppose I could really class him as a friend, more of an acquaintance, but it felt I had known him all my life. We would always stop for a few minutes to chew the fat! He had a wonderful outlook on life which I've tried to emulate in all things I do now. I haven’t seen him around for quite a while now, but have fond memories of his kind heart and generosity of spirit.

This week we are going to use our own experience to draw pictures of relationships, friendships and how those friendships affect us. Think back to three separate situation’s you have found yourself in and use your creativity to change the outcome. For this you will need to work with emotion. Try writing from all points of view and then decide on the POV you feel is best for the piece. Remember to write for the reader and drag them into the picture with you.

So go on, get writing. 

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