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The Love of Dance

Monday, 17 March 2014

The Dark Side.

Sorry, sorry, sorry, I've been so busy editing, cutting and re-editing that the weekend has just disappeared and suddenly it is Monday evening! How does that happen? On the upside. I think the new opening of the thriller has improved, but I'm still unsure if it is right. I can only hope that when I send it out it will be favourably received.

I have also been working on a children's book which has been a WIP for a good few years. It has changed from a 500 word competition winner to a 20,000 completed 9+ novel. I have over the years taken it thrown it up in the air, many time,s and put all the pieces back in many different orders. I've added and removed scenes and written and rewritten my characters, until they all, at some point, drive the story along. I've loved the process and once again, will send it out and see what the response will be.

For this weeks writing challenge. We are looking on the dark side.

1. He had brought her out here for one reason only.
2. She could see beads of blood appearing where the binding was cutting into her wrists.
3. Nolan's VX-Car hovered above the ground as he looked down at the crumpled body oozing blood.
4. He bent low to avoid the club that flew towards his head, but his low wasn't low enough.

Pick one or have a go at them all and see where they take you.

So go on, get writing.

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