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The Love of Dance

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Four people in a café

Due to many birthday activities, I have been very remiss and as you will have realised, I didn't get to blog last week. I was out partying. Oops! But it was fun. Lots of champagne and good food. Catching up with great friends and really taking time to chill out. A real me weekend.

I have recently passed out a few of samples of my current WIP. This has received mixed reviews. Some love the extra detail, others preferred it as it was before the reworking. I know which I prefer, but wonder if it would be worth trying again to get a better balance.

On the upside one of my 9+ novels is shaping up nicely after its jigsaw puzzle re-edit. I just need to get all the edits typed up, reread and sent out.

So this week’s writing challenge is to see how the dynamic changes in a room. For this you need to select four friends and bring them into a café one by one until they are all in the same room at the same table. One of your characters has to pass on a message about another friend, who is having an affair, but before they can pass on all the juicy details another person joins them. How do they get the message across? And when they do how does that change the atmosphere? How you get them there is up to you. Will they all know each other or will the first two know each other and notice another friend who they introduce into the group. What happens to the energy these characters create? Do they all get on? What happens when one goes to order/to the loo or nips out to the car? Will they all leave together or will one leave before the rest? What happens to the conversation? How do the new characters bounce off each other? Don’t forget to use all the bells and smells for this piece.

So go on, get writing.  

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