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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 5 April 2014

An image with a story to tell.

A productive week – hope that is a good sign. I'm sure it isn't just me that realises that the weeks are racing by. Often it stars off at Monday morning with the familiar sound of groaning as we all stumble out of bed to begin the working week, only to suddenly find that it 3 pm on a Friday and we are only a few hours away from the weekend. This is great, however I've found that the precious weekend appears to be going even quicker - now that just isn't cricket!

During this manically busy week I have written in the evenings and I'm about to carry on typing up edits. I've sent a piece of work out and caught up with people I've not seen in a long while. It has been great.
For this week’s writing challenge we are using a photo to stimulate our creativity.  Look at the image and write its history.

This can be a factual piece or a piece of creative writing. What has this chair endured over its life time? Did it belong to a much loved/hated grandfather or grandmother? Was it the first chair in which your lover first sat on your lap? Was it the chair brought specifically for your much love pet? Has it been in the family for generations and has been privy to many a story? Use your knowledge to draw a life around this chair. Show us what it has seen, felt and endured.

So what are you waiting for, get writing. 

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