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Friday, 4 November 2011

Topic Task - Week One.

I've been speaking to many writers recently and they have expressed an interest in having a writing task set each week. Sometimes, as a writer, you need a distraction to allow your mind to work out a situation that you are struggling with. Taking on a 'topic task' allows the mind to focus on something else whilst the subconscious sorts out the issues with your manuscript. Some people go for a long walk, paint the house or make umpteen cups of tea, but for me a topic works.

The idea of the 'topic task' is to inspire and make you focus on writing something for publication as well as pleasure. Some tasks will need research and it is important to target your market if the task requires it.
So, your first weeks 'topic task' is.

I have given you two options here. Select the one that appeals to you.

1. How many times! - Short story (1000 words) or poem (41 lines max) - target your market and submit.
2. An article for a men's magazine - research requirements and submit.   

I hope one of these will stimulate your creativity. Please let me know if you’ve had a go at one of these and how you found the prompts.

 I will post a new 'topic task' next Friday.

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