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The Love of Dance

Friday, 13 January 2012

Topic Task - Week Eleven

Last week I asked you to make the reader feel what your characters felt. I hope you achieved this. It is always important to weave thoughts, feeling/emotion into your writing and don't forget those all important smells. The senses are one of the most evocative parts of a piece of work. They are used to enhance the readers enjoyment and can lighten the mood of a story or darken it to terrify.

This weeks tasks are:

1. A box full of ...
This can be a box full of anything you would like. Of course it could be chocolates, worms, worries. What is inside your box and how you deal with the contents is up to you, but remember you need to use all the senses. In essence, make it real. Let the reader feel the power from inside that box crawling across your work.

2. It oozed over the step and ...
What oozed over the step? What step was it? Is is a step on a staircase or a step ladder? Think about where your step is and what it is that is oozing over the edge. Is it custard, slime or blood. You may be thinking something else. Whatever it is remember to include what it feels like to touch the oozing substance. Smell it, maybe even taste it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get writing.

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