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Friday, 27 January 2012

Topic Task - Week Thirteen

There is nothing wrong with week thirteen, it is just another number. And I know it is Friday, but it isn't Friday the 13th which means you are all okay. So lets get on with it... well I will in a moment. 
Last week I set you a the first twelve week challenge. I hope you are all having a go at this and discovering that you can indeed plot out an idea for a novel. I'm not expecting you to have completed that yet, but if you are struggling with it, don't worry, it isn't easy. However, don't give up. The more you practice plotting the better you become. Like all writing it is an art form that needs to be honed. It isn't easy, it if were everyone would be a best selling novelist. 

So what are the tasks for this week?

1. Three little words to get your mind working. Are they linked? Could you link them? Would they just be items used in the story or are they just the catalyst to get you going? You decide.
Dried triangle of pizza - A manky cat - Lace-less boot. 

2. Now for something slightly more grotty.
Puss filled boil - Snotty hanky - E irksome child.

Use your writing skills to make us feel something for the characters you develop. Think about why we would want to read about them, and what makes them special.

So good luck. Get writing. 

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