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The Love of Dance

Friday, 6 January 2012

Topic Task - Week Ten

The New Year is here and the days appear to be getting longer. This should bring smiles to our faces, but this time of year is one in which many things can change. Little things might niggle or bring great happiness. The changes might be wonderful for one person and horrendous for another. For this weeks Topic Task I would like to think of two things that have changed since the clock struck midnight on New Years Eve. Write from the heart. This may bring anger to your mind, if so, write a piece to show the power of that feeling. If you have felt lonely or scared let your reader feel that. However, if your overriding passion was pleasure make us feel the endorphins rising in ourselves as we read.
I'm not giving you a genre or any other prompts, this is what I call free writing from the heart. Good luck and let those feelings out.

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