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Friday, 9 March 2012

Topic Task - Week Nineteen

My writing week has been good. I’ve sent a few things out, I’ve had one item turned down and one has possibilities. I’ve still got the three short stories to edit, and send out, but I got sucked into my YA novel and it sort of took over. As writers you will understand that, and if you are just starting out on your writing journey, you’ll soon come to understand that overwhelming passion.

I was asked a question today by a young man who wanted to know how to start writing. He said he has all these ideas in his head and doesn’t know what to do with them.  My answer went like this: Firstly get the ideas as they come written down. Then to decided what you want those ideas to be. A short story, novel, play etc. Then the most important, find a brilliant writers’ circle like the Verulam Writers’Circle based in St. Albans.  Another thing to do is go to writing conferences. There are many spread across the country and these have workshops, seminars and other writerly aspects for any level of writer to get there creative bone working. And my last suggestion was to find a good creative writing course, where you will be shown how to hone your craft. Writing is a craft that has to be learnt, honed and developed this doesn’t happen overnight, but if you have the passion it will become unstoppable.
If you have some good ideas how to start writing from a head full of ideas, do drop them over to me or post them on here as responses/comments.

Okay, so to this week’s topic- task.

I want you to bring all your skills to write a picture book story. Do some research. Look at picture books that are selling now – ask the book seller what picture book sell best. Read them, understand the layout and above all check the word count.  Now try writing one. It isn’t as easy as you think. You have to make the story engaging for young readers, or those being read too. Illustrations do help immensely with picture books, but the narrative has to be able to stand alone.

So that is your challenge for this week.

 Go on, get writing.   

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