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Friday, 23 March 2012

Topic Task - Week Twenty-One

What a great week. The writing has been coming on in leaps and bounds. The sun has been shining which has put smiles on faces.

This is week twenty-one. Another twelve weeks have past since we started these topic-tasks. That means you need a task that gives you a little more to think about. You have been working on character building, plotting and dialogue. I've asked you to think about targeting your work and to find a home for it.

I want you to take the best characters you have created over the last twelve weeks and place them in a different genre. Why not try something new. Pop your characters in to a genre you've not familiar with. Experiment and see what happens. Keep the characters the same in every detail, but think about how they will cope in a completely different scenario. Knowing the character inside out is what you need to do as an author. How will they behave in any given situation? This could be on earth, in space or in the grave. Drop your character in and see what happens.

I could give you some prompts, but I won't. I need you to let your character drive the plot, the situation and you have to select the genre. Even if the character doesn't like it. You are the author, you are in charge.

So, go on, get writing.

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