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Friday, 13 April 2012

Topic Task - Week Twenty-Four

I’m about to enjoy a week of writing. I’ve three projects I need to send out. I really must write more scenes for my psychological thriller and those I’ve completed, need to be put into chapters. The agent I’ve been put onto is also, at last, going to receive the first three chapters of the thriller. I’m hoping they will be received favourably.
So that is me, what about you. What have you recently sent out? What responses have you had? How are you going to move forward with your writing?

The topic Task for this week is quite simple. I want you to think about two memorable events in your life.  Events can be memorable for different reasons – choose two that are vastly different, one positive and one negative. Using your writing talents you are going to manipulate the situation and turn those events around.
This isn’t an easy task. You will need to call upon your personal feelings and emotions and pull them out of one situation and put them into the other. This is a wonderful way to make your fictional writing have a sense of reality. If you feel it, the reader will too. I call it method writing, a bit like method acting, you live and breathe your character as you write. A word of warning: DO NOT answer the phone when you are having an argument with one of your characters! I did this and shouted down the phone at the wrong person – thankfully they were very understanding.

So, go on, get writing, 

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