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Sunday, 29 July 2012

REVIEW: I'm Dougal Trump and It's Not My Fault!

The first time I met Dougal Trump he was a mere 500 words – an idea – a brilliant idea. Now he has grown into an amazingly well written humours book with a unique voice. Which is full to bursting with laughs, well not laughs, but fantastic words that make you laugh out loud. The great use of different font types and illustrations throughout the book are a perfect back drop for the story, which push the narrative forward. And as for the story it’s self, it goes a bit like this: Our dear Dougal Trump has a problem, he has a big problem. In fact the problem is so BIG he has decided to make a will. His family have all threatened to kill him and they do it often, but that isn’t what is worrying him. What is worrying him is the DEATH note attached to the shed and the monster lurking within. He has to take care of it, but how? It is a big hairy, long clawed creature that growls deeply and terrifies Dougal. He daren’t open the shed door. He can’t do it alone, but dare he ask friends for help? This wasn’t a good idea. Things start to go wrong. With the new neighbours next door and Stan, Dougal’s life just keeps getting worse. He panics when a hole appears in the back of the shed. Pets living in the area start to go missing! Strange noises are heard in the night. And all the time Dougal Trump is getting the blame. He is terrified someone will open the shed door and be eaten alive!  No one believes anything he says and the blame for everything keeps falling on him. Even his friends don’t want to know him now. He is telling the truth, but it is too late! He is going to have to live his life being grounded and it is never his fault. He is about to get the blame for the fire, when ...
I can’t tell you the ending or you wouldn’t get the chance to read this amazing book by Dougal Trump with a bit of help from Jackie Marchant. A great summer read for kids of any age.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get your copy. You won’t be disappointed. Available at all good book shops and on Amazon. 

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