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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Topic Task - Week Thirty-Nine

It's Sunday and I'm only just catching up with myself. Sorry for the delay in posting this weeks topic task.

The Olympics are under way and sun has let us know it is still up there and can shine down upon us when it wants to. I think this makes it a perfect time to get outside and write. This week I thought it might be nice to go back to writing a piece prompted by five simple words. 

Prompt words: 
1. Pimms - Mobile - Raid - Comfy Chair - Iguana.
2. Weights - Corrugated roof - Vision -Tipper - Scissors.
3. Vacuum - Drill - Ghost - Jug - Alarm.

Use one of the selections of words above to create a piece of writing. Think about where this work might be published and target your market. You need to use all the words in the list but choose the tense that is best for you. I think you will be surprised where these prompts can lead your writing. 
So go on, get writing.

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