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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Topic Task - Week Thirty-Seven

What an interesting week! I've had some good comments from readers on my current manuscript, which is very encouraging. I've been working on my YA novel and have received a rejection. On the whole a good week. That is apart from the car issues which are on-going.
This weeks topic task might get some of you worrying or wanting to hide your heads in the sand. We are going to look into the depths of a woman's handbag.
For some of you that might be an easy task, others might find things they really rather not know about the things lurking in the dark recesses.
You can choose to simply describe the bag and its content or it could just be the catalyst to a different world or you could explain the woman who owns the bag and her strange behaviour.
1. Use it as a tool to improve your descriptive abilities.
2. Use it to describe the woman who owns the bag through the items found inside.
3. To use the bag as a portal to a secret place, the bag owner may or may not be aware of what is going on within.
So what ever one you select, remember to draw a picture with your words.
Go on, get writing.

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