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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Topic Task - Week Forty

I can’t believe we have reached topic task week forty. I hope you have found the tasks both engaging and inspiring. I’ve enjoyed posting them and receiving your comments, most of which have been emailed to me. However I’ve not had any reports of publications from the work you are doing. Therefore, if you’ve been published recently and would like to share it with other writers please let me know.
My writing is coming on nicely. I’ve had some interest, but still have a lot of writing, editing and re-editing to do. I’m having great fun with the surprise plot twists that are appearing. And yes, they are working.
So for the fortieth week, we are going to write about one scene from three different perspectives. The first is from the person/persons involved. The second is the parents or children of the person/persons involved and thirdly from the point of view of the authorities.
To get you going you have the prompts below.
1. A rock festival.
2. A house party.
3. A ball at the Grosvenor House Hotel - London.
What happens, where you take it is completely down to you, but make sure the reader feels the passion.
So enjoy writing your fortieth piece. Once you’ve completed it, why not pull out the first few pieces you attempted and discover how far your writing has come.
Go on, get writing. 

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