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The Love of Dance

Friday, 10 August 2012

Topic Task - Week Forty-One

I’m really looking forward to early September and the York Festival of Writing. So if you are attending I’ll see you there. If not, why not? It is a great place to immerse yourself in all that is creative, productive and developmental about writing. You will get to talk writing all weekend and leave with ideas buzzing about your head and so inspired there will be no stopping you.

This week we are looking at characters by way of the shoes. We will be creating characters around the shoes they are wearing. Think of unusual twists to the way your characters wear their shoes. Are they the archetypical wearer? Is there something not quite right in the eye of the reader when they first discover the characters identity? How do you want your reader to feel about the person wearing the shoes? You must think about this when you start to work. Start from the shoe and work your way up to the person and then show us your fully rounded character.

To help you here are some prompts.

1. High stiletto
2. Wellington Boot
3. Diamante trainers
4. Doc Martins

Have fun with this. Don’t be boring inject some life into these shoes. Are they for walking in or admiring? Don’t ask me, you’re the writer so, get writing. 

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