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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Topic Task - Fifty-One

You have weeks when the writing is slow and that is what it has been for me this week. If I'm honest it is all due to having lots to do and not enough time to really get into the writing. I've fiddled about with a couple of scenes and spoken about writing to some first timers. It was fantastic to see and feel the enthusiasm they have about their material. The discussion that followed was about the way forward. Editors, agents and publishers and how and when to submit work. It is important to make sure that your manuscript is the best it can possibly be before you push it out to meet the world. So how is that done? The best way is to join a good writing circle and by that I mean one that gives good critiques and has members who have been through the process and are still getting published. Attend as many writing conferences you that you can. there many out there and each will inspire. Networking with other writers working in the same genre is a great way to keep abreast of what is happening. As a writer you need to do the leg work to glean all the information, direction, knowledge and skills to get your manuscript up to publishable quality. And remember this doesn't happen over night.

This weeks topic task is to put your self in the position of one of the characters below. You need to tell the story through their eyes. Your character is in a street somewhere. This could be in a City Centre, in a village or down by the coast. What happens to them, how they deal with it and what effect it has on them is up to you. Chose one of the subjects from below.

A. Street Drinker
B. Vagrant
C. Tramp
D. Memory loss victim.

So get yourself inside the head of your character and get writing.

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