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The Love of Dance

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Topic - Task Fifty

I've had a fantastic couple of days, catching up with old friends and meeting new people. A Bollywood & Bond party was amazing. What made it so great were the people and the effort that went into making costumes and getting into the spirit of the evening - AND the food was exceptional. I have brought a doggy bag home with me.

On the writing front, I've been jotting down new scenes and getting play with my new characters. There has been less written than I had hoped, but what I have done, I'm pleased with.

I've had one of my children's novels re-edited and many things have been brought to my attention. I will now have confidence in sending this one out. Now to see if the editor can also do the one I've just finished!

So what have I got for you this week. As it is week fifty I thought we need to do something special.

The challenge this week is to write a story set at a bus stop. Three characters of your choice are going to be standing at this bus stop throughout the four seasons. Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. You need to show us how the seasons effect your characters. What happens to their surrounding, them and the way they interact.

So go on, get writing.

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