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The Love of Dance

Monday, 14 January 2013

A task for you.

I'm writing this quickly before my computer decides to power-down on its own. Need to go to the doctor, but the doctor went back to Uni. HELP!

I've just driven through the snow to get home and thankfully only slipped once on the crossroads. A car ahead of me did a little bit of stationary acceleration, but eventually got up the hill. I'd dropped down a gear and hoped that going slow would allow him time to sort himself out, thankfully it worked.

Today's task will be to use the following items to create a few pieces of writing.
These are the words: Stink - Itch - Plastic-bag - Steering wheel - False teeth - Winter white.
Now you need to use these words to inspire you to create:
1. A Poem/song
2. Short story/flash fiction
3. 15 min sitcom.

I know this will be a challenge, but give it a go and see what you came produce.

I'm looking at doing a fortnightly interview with authors, editors and agents. Let me know if this would be of interest to you as a reader of this blog.

Go on, get writing.

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