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The Love of Dance

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Sun and Celebrations.

A most delightful week with my son’s graduation – what a wonderful day we had. You will have to excuse me posting a proud mummy picture here – It just has to be done.

I've spent much time in the garden sorting out the flower beds and tickling the tomato and runner bean flowers – just to help the bees with their task. It is nice to see both bumble and honey bees buzzing around the garden working hard. The hanging baskets are/were looking stunning until the fierce rain ripped through them. After two hours of dead heading they are ready to bloom once more and give another good display. The roses around the front door, yes, I have them, look beautiful and the scent welcomes guests on arrival. I only hope I can keep them flowering all summer as there is an important date at the end of August that needs the garden looking it’s best.

 This week’s prompts need you to think celebration. What goes right? What goes wrong? Can things be saved or will things go from bad to worse? Use all your writing skills to create a scene that shows the different emotions that may occur during the celebrations and how your characters interact with each other during these events. Try thinking out of the box and bring in elements you may never have used before. I've popped a few settings down for you to work with, but feel free to set your celebration in a setting of your own choice.

1.       Wedding breakfast.
2.       Uncle Alan’s funeral.
3.       University graduation. (sorry had to include this)
4.       ‘Full Moon’ woodland party.
5.       Old friend returning home.

Remember to use all the senses and have fun with it, after all it is a celebration.

So go on, get writing. 

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